Legal Services

Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC offers prompt and complete legal services at affordable fees.

Divorce and Family Law

Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC assists clients in a variety of family matters including divorce, child support, custody settlements and litigation, premarital agreements, spousal maintenance, property division, as well as other matters that arise from personal relationships.

Estate Planning/Probate

Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC offers experienced representation in the area of SE Minnesota estate planning, farm/business succession plans, including planning for death and disability, trusts, conservatorships, guadianships, and the administration/probate of estates.

Business and Agriculture

Whether it be a business or farming operation, Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC has broad experience and can offer professional legal advice on the legal issues that affect your business or your farm. We have organized a number of Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

Real Estate

If you are considering buying, selling, developing or financing property, Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC can assist you in the negotiations, contract preparation/review, and assist you through the entire process all the way through closing. Even after your real estate transaction is complete, the attorneys at Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC will continue to be here for you.

DWI/Criminal Defense

The attorneys at Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC have successfully defended clients who have been charged with drunk driving offenses, domestic assault, theft and other criminal matters. Our attorneys pursue and protect client’s interest without deference to public or private pressures.


The attorneys at Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC have successfully litigated numerous civil cases, including bodily injury, wrongful death, contract disputes and construction claims in State District Courts as well as argued cases before the Minnesota Court of Appeals and Minnesota Supreme Court. Our attorneys have extensive professional experience working with clients who have been either wronged or wrongly accused.

If you need an experienced and effective lawyer, call Weber, Leth, & Woessner, PLC.